Online Physiotherapy appointments

With the current situation surrounding the COVID-19 virus, self isolation and social distancing is a real thing for many Australians.

This is why Physioactive has now introduced online physio appointments for those people who may;

  • Be self Isolating
  • Need to be in self isolation
  • Have travel restrictions in attending face-face appointments
  • Have mobility issues

Being confined to your home does not mean you should feel isolated or not be looking after your health. If anything, this is the time to make sure you are looking after yourself by engaging with your physiotherapist to help you both physically and mentally.

Our friendly Physioactive Physio’s can help provide personalised exercise programs, education and advice on injuries, health conditions and lifestyle all done over the phone or internet.

How does Online Physiotherapy work?

You may be thinking ‘how can you do physiotherapy treatments over the internet or phone?’

Even though our physio’s at Physioactive are very good with their hands, our physio’s are also very talented when comes to adapting to individual situations and circumstances. Our physio’s can over the phone or internet can;

  • Make a Diagnosis of your injury
  • Explain the injury
  • Give you advice and education on what you should and shouldn’t be doing
  • Prescribed an appropriate and personalised exercise program via a smartphone through an app called ‘PhysiApp’.
  • Continue to remain in contact throughout the course of the injury.
  • Recommend and send out equipment, aids and products which may also work in conjunction to your rehab program and assist you in your injury.