Physioactive can provide assistance with injuries sustained from your workplace.

Pre-Employment Functional Assessments

The Injury Hub offers comprehensive pre-employment functional assessments.

Pre-employment functional assessments are used to help reduce and screen potential workers for risk factors that may limit their ability to safely and effectively perform the job and physical requirements of the work role.

Benefits of Pre-Employment Functional Assessments

  • Minimises potential workplace injuries
  • Reduction in WorkCover claims and insurance costs
  • Provides a safer working environment
  • Gain an understanding of the employee’s physical capacity to perform their role

For best results we make sure our Pre-Employment functional Screening is tailored to suit your workplace requirements.

For further information about our pre-employment screening assessments, please contact us.


Manual Handling Training

The Injury Hub offers manual handling training for all staff and workplaces.

The physical nature and sustained postures of work can predispose staff to injury, especially if they are performing tasks with poor manual handling skills.

Why is Manual Handling so important?

  • Manual Handling has been recognised a major contributor to workplace injury.
  • SA Workcover statistics show new workers are 75% more likely to sustain an injury
  • Any person who has not been trained in Manual Handling is at a higher risk of sustaining an injury.

What does Manual Handling involve?

  • Powerpoint presentation covering theory components of manual handling, latest statistics of injuries, most common workplace injuries and strategies to help prevent manual handling injuries.
  • Practical-based work shops with small groups (tailored to the workplace) or 1:1.

For further information about our manual handling program, please contact us.


Ergonomic Assessments

The Injury Hub offers ergonomic assessments for within the workplace. Ergonomic assessments can cover a variety of aspects within the workplace. This can include admin and office ergonomic assessments to assessing workplace set-ups and designs and correct postures of equipment and machinery use.

Do I need an ergonomic assessment?

Having an ergonomic assessment is a very valuable tool to reduce the risk of injury and maximise your comfort when working.

Some signs which may indicate you would benefit from an ergonomic assessment include;

  • Back and neck pain during and following work
  • Headaches
  • Shoulder, elbow and arm pain
  • Tingling and numbness which is suspected to be from work related duties.

What does an ergonomic assessment include?

  • One of our physiotherapists will attend the workplace and complete the assessment
  • On-site office ergonomics include assessment of desk, chair and computer in relation to the worker
  • Adjustments or recommendations to improve the workstation ergonomics.
  • Assessing worksite duties, how the duties are performed ensuring to minimise personal injury.
  • Complete report outlining ergonomic assessment outcomes, adjustments or recommendations.

For further information about our manual handling program, please contact us.


Early Intervention Program

The Injury Hub provides an Early Intervention Program, as we recognise the importance and benefits of early treatment in facilitating return to work and maximising health outcomes.

How the Early Intervention Program works

  • Priority access physiotherapy appointment times offered to the injured worker
  • Thorough assessment conducted including diagnosis and triage process for optimum treatment and management.
  • Appropriate physiotherapy treatment and management
  • Correspondance to OHS manager including diagnosis, treatment recommendations, any workplace considerations, likelihood of progression to a Workcover Claim and identification of any early RTW barriers including biopsychosocial considerations which may impact recovery.
  • Assist and communicate with OHS manager for additional support for management of injuries.

Benefits of Early Intervention Program

  • Has been shown to reduce time off work
  • Reduce the needs for claims-resulting in lower premiums for the employer
  • Triage process optismising return to work and health outcomes
  • Early communication to the OHS and workplace.

Job Dictionary

The Injury Hub can develop your workplace job dictionary. A job dictionary includes a job/task breakdown and guidance on the physical demands required for each task, injury risks and how each task can be performed safely.

What is the benefit of having a job dictionary?

  • Essential for delivering an individualised Pre-Employment Functional Assessment which is based on real and objective data, aimed at mitigating preventable workplace injuries
  • Vital communication aid for people involved in planning and facilitating a worker’s recovery and return to work.
  • Allows development of suitable duties plans for injured workers, including clearer information on the specific duties an employee can perform which can be used to communicate to the relevant parties.
  • Targeted injury prevention initiatives based on job role risk(s).

Physiotherapy Treatment and Intervention

Physioactive will be able to provide all your physiotherapy needs. Physiotherapist treatment will be provided by Jason and myself.

Priority access to physiotherapy appointments at Physioactive for all workers at JT Johnsons & Sons to allow for immediate assessment and treatment if unable to be seen onsite.

Physioactive has onsite gym facilities which can be used in conjunction to physiotherapy treatments, can be very beneficial for treatment of work injuries.  Gym memberships are also available if deemed appropriate to the injured worker as part of their rehabilitation program. This can be organised to further promote active rehabilitation, self management and improve frequency and adherence of their rehabilitation program.

Physioactive can also offer hydrotherapy and Pilates services to injured workers.

Physioactive also has access and contacts to medical specialists including Orthopaedic Surgeons, Neurosurgeon and Sports Doctor if second opinion or onward referral is required.